Keep It Classic

July 20th, 2015
Keep It Classic – THE CARDIGAN (Part 1)

Quite an adorable photo with this lovely tan cardigan complimenting this young man’s eyes.
The cardigan here is very soft and subtle to the eye not drawing to much attention to itself
but still allowing the young man to be the center of attention.

The style of the cardigan is very stately and distinguished, it gives the look of an academic scholar
or a man of importance and intellect. A cardigan is a knit sweater that has an open front with buttons running down the sweater.
Classic cardigans usually come with waist pockets and even one breast pocket.

Cardigans are considering a layering article of clothing to be worn as the outer layer or the inner layer depending on the weather.
The bottom layer of a cardigan is usually a dress shirt and tie or some type of undershirt.
It should fit close enough to the body as to be able to add a third layer such as a sports jacket or outer jacket.

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